store spiral duct

Spiral ducts are commonly used in various settings, including stores, commercial buildings, and fitness facilities, due to their efficiency, ease of installation, and aesthetic appeal.

They are often used in places where they will be exposed, providing a neat, straight look over long runs. Spiral ducts are also known for their energy efficiency, easy installation, and airtightness, making them a popular choice for HVAC systems.

Benefits of Spiral Ducts

Spiral ducts offer several advantages, including:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Airtightness
  • Optimal airflow characteristics
  • Reduced pressure drop
  • Reduced upfront and operating costs
  • Aesthetic appeal

Use in Different Settings

Spiral ducts are extensively used near the ceiling of fitness facilities, providing an attractive and aesthetically pleasing look from multiple perspectives.

They are also used in stores and commercial buildings, where they are often exposed due to their neat and straight appearance over long runs.

Installation and Components

Spiral ducts provide a solution to almost any system design requirement, with manifold ducts efficiently handling complex distribution requirements and reducing installation time and cost.

They come with standard components for every application, such as elbows, tees, laterals, reducers, transitions, and more.

Custom components can also be engineered for specific applications.


Spiral ducts are a versatile and efficient choice for HVAC systems in various settings, offering benefits such as energy efficiency, easy installation, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Their use in stores, commercial buildings, and fitness facilities demonstrates their wide applicability and effectiveness in different environments.