Spiral isfahan
Since 1987

The first and only manufacturer of spiral ducts in Isfahan
Manufacturer of all kinds of air conditioning and spiral ducts

Some of completed projects by spiral isfahan company are as follows :

  • Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company
  • Regal Petrochemical
  • Iran Ship building & offshore industries Complex (ISOICO)
  • Iran Electronics Industries (SAIRAN)
  • Univercity of Isfahan
  • Univercity of Technology (IUT)
  • Arak Univercity
  • Ferdowsi Univercity of Mashhad
  • Tamin Salamat Company
  • Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical mfg.Co
  • Exir gostar Pharmaceutical .Co
  • Sabz Daru Pharmaceutical .Co
  • Farkhondeh Biscuits
  • Salamat Biscuit
  • Sanjabak Company
  • Zarif Mosavar Carpets Company
  • Sheikh Safi Isfahan Carpet
  • Solomon Carpet
  • Organization for Development & Equipping Schools of IRAN
  • Absar WaterPark
  • Glosar Pool
  • Mobarakeh Water Polo Swimming
  • Qeshm Tobacco Company
  • Isfahan tile
  • Isfahan International Airport
  • Isfahan Municipality
  • Isfahan City Center Mall
  • Esfahan Steel Company
  • Regional Water Company of Isfahan
  • Kowsar Markets
  • Snowa Appliance Company
  • Zarin Iran Porcelain Industries
  • Lorch Company
  • Foulad Gostar Atieh Sepahan .Co
  • Safa Foulad Company
  • Tuka paint foolad sepahan
  • Saba Steel Company
  • Tamkar Industrial Group
  • BTS Industrial Group
  • Falat sang asia company-Totem Quartz
  • Sepahan Battery
  • Kian Battery
  • Tavan Battery
  • Borna Battery
  • Fara Chap
  • Teram Chap
  • Pasargad Shoes Company
  • Melli Shoes Company
  • Khansar Pre-Tension Industries Company
  • Abbasi Hotel
  • Sokhari land
  • Gol Nesar Co
  • Farazin Infrastructure and Energy Projects Company
  • Foudeh Dairy Farm
  • Atran medicine
  • Meysam paper company

Spiral Isfahan started its activity in the air conditioning industry in 1987.

In 2016, by purchasing and setting up the mechanized production line of spiral air ducts (the latest technology in the world) from Europe, it took a big step in the air conditioning and air duct industry.

Spiral Isfahan has always been trying to improve and advance the air conditioning
industry and has put consumer satisfaction and improving the quality of the products at the top of its work.

Over 30 years of work experience